Marketing in the digital age

Marketing in the digital age

Seems most everyone I know is dealing with the same thing: people want everything right now! We practically demand immediate responses to e-mails and for the most part demand immediate action from ourselves. We see that alert window and rush to check to see what it is and what needs to be done. Speed has become the primary driver behind what we do.

The shift to more and more digital marketing communications has also, I believe, changed how we feel about the importance of accuracy. Digital communications lack the perception of permanence. Print 10,000 copies of a 12-page brochure and a mistake has a significant and obvious cost, but bad grammar and spelling are practically expected in text messages and at least tolerated in e-mails. If something is wrong, just delete it. And who cares if something is wrong on an electronic proof?! We’ll just fix it and send version #2. And version #3. And version #4. You get the idea.

The problem with all of this is that a bad reputation can be very long lasting and truly costly. I know I get nailed every time I start to care more about the timeline than taking that extra time to really think about what I’m doing. The primary goal always needs to be to get things “right” not “right now.” People will remember a mistake far longer than if they got something an hour later than what is often an arbitrary deadline.

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