Meaningful brands

Meaningful brands

I don’t like to spend time wondering what a certain brand means. Sure, I appreciate intrigue and wordplay as much as the next person, but the brands that really get me are the ones that have history and give depth to a product. Ones that have icons that signify something.

So, imagine my excitement while reading through this month’s Wired magazine and I come across an article that captures my attention. The headline? Captain Morgan.  I love rum, so I read on.  It seems that the well-known figure from my favorite happy hour drink was an actual, real live swashbuckler. In fact, he was Captain Blackbeard’s mentor, knighted by King Charles II and appointed deputy director of Jamaica.  He retired at the ripe age of 37 to become a wealthy planter and grow…you guessed it…sugar cane…to make rum. I think I have found my new idol in life.

Having a brand that signifies what you stand for is not only important, it’s essential.  At LePoidevin, when we embark on a new branding initiative, we first begin our process with an exercise on archetyping and a profile assessment. When we’ve gathered our research and our assessment is concluded, we have specific descriptors and touch points that create a brand that specifically speaks to you and what you stand for. It’s a proven process that works – and that’s something you can drink to!

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