Men are cheap…at least on Facebook they are

Men are cheap…at least on Facebook they are

AdWeek recently published an article about a study indicating that “Men Are Cheap” when it comes to Facebook.

While 58 percent of Facebook’s advertiser audience is female, the study revealed that males see and click through more ads. Here are a few stats from the article:

–          Click response: Males – 60%, Females – 40%

–          Impression volume: Males – 58%, Females – 42%

–          Cost-per-thousand impressions: Males – 16 cents, Females – 20 cents

–          Cost-per-click spending: Males – 51 cents, Females – 68 cents

For marketers looking to reach men through social media outlets, this now gives you another reason to consider Facebook. I think this is a good opportunity, especially for those B2B marketers who may not be involved with social media. If your target audience is men, Facebook may be the avenue to enter the social media platform.

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