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Marketing as business strategy

What Marketers Do.

Oh, you mean advertisers? Those people who create eye-catching ads, classic TV commercials, catchy slogans and viral videos--that may or may not affect my sales? No, I mean marketers. Marketing is much more than advertising, so why do people think that's all we do? Effective marketers do...

Print Goes Digital

The Power of Print Explodes When It’s “Flipped”

For years, people have been saying, “print is dead.” Now I’m hearing that print, in the form of custom print magazines, is a rising trend. I love print, so I welcomed this news with open arms. However, custom print can cost an arm and a...

Business Mind, Rock & Roll Spirit

Being a Rebel Brand is Hard Work

When it comes to building your brand and making sure it resonates with your target audience, very few would advise adopting the mantra of “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” But for hair band rockers Twisted Sister, this became not only their battle cry but a...

Case Study of the Month: Logo Design

Case Study: Brand Identity for a Misunderstood Industry

Pest control: It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. And when that somebody needs marketing help, they often turn to us. Because of our work with the pest management industry, we work a lot with Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE), the...

Shorten the sales cycle

8 Ideas for Closing Quickly

New research is showing that B2B purchase decisions are changing. The number of decision makers is increasing, more time and resources are being spent on research, and customers are requiring a more detailed ROI analysis. In other words, the B2B sales cycle is getting longer....

Happy Halloween

From Diagon Alley to Graphic Designer

When I was 11, I was the first to run to the mailbox every day hoping to receive a coveted Hogwarts letter. Harry Potter was one of the first books where I became completely obsessed with the plot, characters, and endless possibilities of this magical world....

Don't Avoid Mistakes. Fix Them.

Accuracy is Important. Always.

More often than not these days, I find ads, blog posts, or e-blasts with typos. It makes me laugh and think, "How did that get through?" It's not really funny, though. People judge you immediately on the mistakes that are right in front of their eyes....

Generation Z: Are you ready?

Generation Z: The Future of Workforce Change

Things move fast in the digital age. Millennials, who've seemed to dominate everything the last few years, are no longer the face of young emerging adults or trend-driving consumers. Their influence is being superseded by Generation Z (also known as Gen Z, Centennials or iGen),...

Implementing Project Management Software

A little over a year ago, we decided to embark on our first journey with project management (PM) software. It had become apparent that our traditional methods of project management weren’t providing enough transparency or real-time data for our team to successfully manage budgets and...

PACK EXPO Media Success

Video: Trade Shows & Media Visits

No matter what trade show you plan on attending, there’s always a couple key things you need to consider when inviting the media to your booth. I put together a video at this year’s PACK EXPO that goes over three basic tips for make your media...