My own level of Einsteindom

My own level of Einsteindom

Albert Einstein: hands-down, one of the most brilliant men ever to have lived. My coworker, Karen, quoted him in a meeting this week and it spurred me to do some research. However, it wasn’t his Theory of Relativity or his Nobel Prize that got me to thinking this week. It was his thoughts on value.

One of my favorite quotes of his is, “The value of achievement lies in the achieving.” Einstein found his greatest enjoyment in life in the discovery process. Pure creativity; unbelievable ingenuity. He understood that sometimes it takes time to get to that final “a-ha” moment –  to be able to proudly stand back, look at your work, and say “Yes, I created that”. He didn’t need to worry about the end of the day deadline, the bottom dollar, but rather he focused on what truly mattered: the end result.

I want to strive to be a person of value – my own level of Einsteindom. This doesn’t mean I plan on blowing deadlines or budgets, but it does mean I will take the time to stay on the right course for our client – providing marketing solutions that make sense and create awareness for our clients.

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