Off and running

Off and running

Hello!  I’m Brad Fine, Senior Account Executive and newest member of the LePoidevin Marketing team.

My previous experience is mostly with equipment manufacturers and industrial service providers, responsible for company marketing efforts.  Although I have worked with marketing agencies before, this is my first time on this side of the desk. 

At LePoidevin Marketing, I’m responsible for helping lead clients and our internal team through the planning and executional stages of any project or campaign. I’ve only been here a short time, but I’ve already had my eyes opened to some of the steps that agencies employ to plan for, concept and execute projects for their clients.  For example, I never really considered the intense process that the creative people go through to develop a promotional image and copy.  I guess my side of the brain just didn’t appreciate the work that went behind the way branding or promotional messages were developed.  Given how important a business’s brand and overall message is, I’m glad we have talented people here to help me with the creative process. If you have been considering evaluating or changing your brand or message, let us help you through that process.

In coming weeks, as I get acclimated to the agency side of marketing, I will have more to share on this blog.  I hope you’ll check back to follow my progress.

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