Overthrowing a King

Overthrowing a King

Really, is anyone upset by Burger King’s announcement last week that it was retiring the “King” from its ongoing advertising campaign? The King, a mascot that featured an oversize head with a creepy grin, to me was…well, creepy.  

I assume Burger King and their advertising agency that developed the campaign tested the King concept in focus groups, and must have received favorable reviews from their young male demographic that the ads were apparently targeting.  But I’ve never heard any positive reviews from family, friends or anyone on the ads. It doesn’t take a trained, seasoned marketing person to know that if something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not going to work.  And to me, that campaign didn’t seem right.  

In the end all advertising campaigns are based on results, and, according to Forbes Magazine, Burger King continued to lag behind rival McDonald’s in sales. If the campaign, whether consumer or business to business, doesn’t move the needle, it’s not connecting with its target audience. That was the case with the King, and as a result, he was overthrown.

(Photo source: http://www.juiciobrennan.com/images/blog/creepyBurgerKing.JPG)

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