Pendulum swings

Pendulum swings

I just read with great interest the findings from a recent marketing industry survey administered and offered by RSW/US, a professional development organization that excels in agency-client relations.  

With all proper attributions to RSW, their data points to a trend in agency-client relationships that for me is quite refreshing, as I’ve been predicting it for months. The move by several clients in past years from full-service agencies to those who specialize in one discipline or another – like digital or social media – is reversing course, according to the latest feedback from leading client-side marketers. 

While there is value in having these specialty shops execute select projects, marketers are increasingly looking to full-service agencies to provide strategy and vision, as well as help with planning and executing social and online marketing tasks. It appears there is a high level of interest in getting big picture thinking from one firm, rather than splitting that process and responsibility among several unrelated agencies.

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