Karla Bopp

Karla Bopp

Design Manager


At a relationship-based shop like LePoidevin, it’s essential that each of us can wear many hats. Of all of us, Karla wears the most, and they all look good on her. Over a decade of experience in graphic design, production and project management make her a force to be reckoned with, and her ability to stay calm and collected no matter the chaos around her makes her the perfect point person for all our projects. It’s her combination of strategic thinking and creativity that fuel our ability to execute innovative marketing campaigns that not only meet our clients’ budgets but exceed their expectations.



I’ve broken my pinky toe four times. Four times! I am not graceful.


Incubus Morning View is one of my favorites. Lately though, we’ve been streaming a lot of 80’s music and having kitchen dance parties! Who doesn’t love dancing to Michael Jackson while cooking?


Grilled cheese and ice cream. But not together. That’s just weird.


Nightmare Before Christmas or just about anything by Tim Burton.


A better question might be, “What am I not obsessing over?”. I tend to constantly annoy my husband by obsessing over our son, work around the house, my next tattoo, Disney, gardening (rather, pulling weeds), my next cup of coffee, our cat, our two dogs, Walking Dead, our next vacation and family.

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