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Building a Brand Platform For a Product-focused Division.


As a division of Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Animal Health is a major player in the veterinary market in its own right. Abbott Animal Health had not invested a great deal of resources on its division branding and has not enjoyed top-of-mind awareness among veterinarians. While many of its products are leaders in their specialty and surgical categories, Abbott increasingly deals with low cost, generic challengers.


We drew on our four-year working relationship with Abbott Animal Health, our in-depth knowledge of their products, as well as our extensive history in working with veterinary professionals to develop a brand position and new ad campaign.

Several brand positioning, messaging and image options were developed and tested with veterinary audiences prior to launch. The resulting “Right by your side” campaign captivates audiences through the use of dramatic imagery featuring situations veterinarians face every day, with Abbott Animal Health “by their side” with the “right” products and support.


This campaign helps to define why Abbott Animal Health exists and why the veterinary community needs to care. The “Right by your side” campaign highlights Abbott Animal Health’s support of veterinary professionals, reinforcing its mission to help advance the standards of veterinary care.  Additionally, the development of this strong, confident brand position promotes the value “behind the products,” and helps to reinforce the premium prices charged for their industry leading products. The brand position builds a highly relevant platform for new products in the years to come.

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