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Boosting Divisional Sales and Brand Awareness.


To generate a greater brand presence in the veterinary market and re-launch two mature products.


We worked with Abbott to develop a campaign strategy to support their sales efforts within specific budgetary guidelines. This included a series of integrated print ads, direct mailer, sales collateral pieces, as well as key opinion leader articles aimed at creating awareness and interest.

The campaign was designed to expose the primary audience to the marketing messages in multiple ways: they would see the ads and receive the mailers, and then get similar information from the Abbott sales representatives. Ads were strategically placed in 14 different veterinary publications to achieve awareness goals.


Once considered an adjunct to the much larger, human-oriented business, Abbott is now recognized for the impact it made in the marketplace, and for its contribution to the overall success of the parent corporation. LePoidevin Marketing’s relationship with Abbott has expanded to include seven different product lines and divisional branding initiatives.

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