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Launching a New Concept Across Many Borders.


In an earlier collaboration with LePoidevin Marketing, Abbott Diagnostics launched an integrated campaign in the United Kingdom that re-branded the company as an expert strategic consultant helping hospitals and pathology departments analyze and improve their operations through a holistic, “ecosystem”-based approach – not just a product sales company. Abbott’s UK team was retrained to approach sales with this new mindset. Now Abbott wished to replicate the success of that campaign in Canada and South America – in four different languages.


LePoidevin developed and translated internal and external educational materials for Abbott’s team and customers in English, French-Canadian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Logos and materials were designed and branded exclusively for the launch of this new strategic approach. Live training sessions, print materials and online components helped invigorate and support Abbott’s team in understanding and adopting the new style of selling.


Abbott’s revolutionary ecosystem approach has been well received by customers seeking to improve efficiency and operations. The company continues to monitor and revise this sales methodology to better serve the needs of its audience.

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