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Getting the Drop On the Competition.


Cooper Power Systems was introducing a new eco-friendly transformer fluid product to the market, FR3™. They had reams of technical data on the product and a sales force with many other product lines to sell and limited “face time” with purchasers. LePoidevin Marketing needed to develop a sales tool that was fast, easy-to-use and effective for the sales team.


LePoidevin created the FR3 fluid electronic detailer which combined summary benefit messages presented via Flash animation and a browser-like interface which organized product information into a user-friendly manner. Printable technical presentations, white papers and brochures were linked, and a section was created specific for sales reps to access preparation tools for their education.


Cooper reported that sales activity quadrupled after the electronic detailer was made available. The sales tool was embraced by the sales team and won an excellence award from the Business Marketing Association of Greater Milwaukee.

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