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Cover Story: Category Article Showcases Client’s Expertise.


Looking to increase visibility for their premium multiparameter digital monitors within the veterinary practice community, Digicare Animal Health sought help to showcase the company’s products and industry expertise in a crowded marketplace.


On behalf of Digicare, LePoidevin negotiated and ghost wrote a digital monitoring category article in Digicare’s voice – featuring additional input from industry association partners for added objectivity and credibility – to appear in upcoming issues of Veterinary Practice News (December 2019 Canada and March 2020 U.S. editions). The article would differentiate Digicare as a leader and expert in the digital monitoring category, as well as offer technical “best practices” diagnostic guidance to readers and Digicare product-in-use photography.


After publication, Digicare’s expertise was recognized by readers of Veterinary Practice News. The publication reported positive feedback regarding the useful information and technical details the article conveyed about digital monitoring. The editorial team at the magazine has since invited Digicare to submit additional content for publication and consider LePoidevin a trusted resource for facilitating unique and well-written submissions on behalf of Digicare.

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