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Hitting the Road To Announce a New Product.


Dorner had just developed its newest conveyor platform, the 1100 Series, and was looking to generate pre-launch publicity and awareness. The goal was to engage the B2B trade press prior to launch in order to gain positive reviews of this innovative miniature conveyor.


Since the conveyor platform was small and easily packaged, why not take the conveyor on the road and visit editors on their turf? LePoidevin Marketing identified four key publications critical to the success of the launch, and visited those editors with Dorner to demonstrate the conveyor’s capabilities.


Editors were very receptive to the visit and appreciated the efforts Dorner made to engage them. Dorner received several placements, including a 5-page layout in one of the targeted publications. The launch was successful thanks to the publicity and awareness generated by the LePoidevin/Dorner team hitting the road.

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