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Driving Positive News Coverage Your Way During Covid-19

The business news cycle for the foreseeable future is all Covid-19. That’s all anyone is talking about…and for good reason, as the pandemic is shaping up to be the runaway news story of 2020.

Both your local press and national B2B media outlets are looking for all things Covid-19. So, supply it to them. There are opportunities to develop content and capture earned coverage to promote your brand during the pandemic, and no, you will not look too opportunistic in doing so. Here are some story angles to consider:

Maintenance Tips

While some manufacturing sectors are slowing down as a result of Covid-19, other select industries, including food and pharmaceutical packaging, are likely ramping up production. In either case, preventive maintenance on their machinery and equipment could be neglected. Writing a news release or blog sharing the top five maintenance tips serves as a timely reminder to customers about the maintenance requirements for their equipment. It also lets them know you’re available to assist with those maintenance functions if needed. This is a topic to pursue right now while the crisis is ongoing, and this earned media coverage is perfect online content that can be quickly shared.

Stepping Up

Are you one of the many companies whose products are suddenly in demand? Have you shifted focus to temporarily manufacture a product that’s needed right now? Is your company or employees going above and beyond to support the community at large? If so, tell the local media right now as they’re looking for good-news stories to tout about Covid-19. This is a great way to shine a positive spotlight on your company and its employees. Now is not the time to be modest; if your organization is stepping up in response to the crisis, you absolutely should get credit for it. Positive news coverage can go a long way toward shaping the public’s opinion in your favor.

Engage the Media

Many B2B media outlets are soliciting feedback from their readers right now on how Covid-19 is affecting them. Take advantage of this opportunity by sharing your company’s story on how it’s dealing with the crisis and the steps taken to protect employees. The topic can also reassure customers that you’re open for business and ready to support them. This is a media-generated story; let them help promote your brand, while also communicating directly with their readers – who are your customers, as well.

Lessons Learned

As the crisis hopefully begins to subside, a topic of interest to the B2B media is lessons learned. Written in an op-ed format, a lessons-learned focus from the CEO or president serves as a vehicle to comment on how Covid-19 affected the industry and offer insight on what the industry collectively can do to move forward. B2B media outlets are looking for these types of thought leadership columns, so you need to engage them now and lock in a placement.

These are just a few of many tactics you can use to capture earned coverage in local media and national B2B press. The key is to be proactive and act now. Don’t let these positive PR opportunities pass you by.

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