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Making a Lasting Impact on Sales and Distributor Reps.


After helping brand and create the marketing plan for a new line of heavy-duty impact beds for Flexco, we were asked how best to inform and excite the sales team about the pending launch.


While our launch strategy included advertising, sales literature, public relations and several interactive components, we felt a need to get the sales team involved prior to the actual marketing launch in an effort to gain greater share of mind and help ensure sales goals were met. We then executed a dimensional mailing to the team that included many of the campaign elements, plus industry-oriented premium materials and an instructional video.


The initial 75 kits were met with vocal enthusiasm from the Flexco sales team, so another 380 were produced and mailed to distributor sales reps as well. The mailer was credited with achieving 33% of the annual sales goal prior to the official launch, helping to make it one of the most significant and successful launches in company history.

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