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Hungry for Website Traffic.


Comprised of multiple family brands, Saputo Cheese USA offers a variety of specialty cheeses to millions of consumers across the country. With brand products already available in retail stores throughout the United States, Saputo needed a way to not only increase awareness of their cheese brands online, but also highlight select products available for purchase through e-commerce platforms.


Understanding the lifestyles and demographics of Saputo Cheese’s family brands, we developed ad concepts and targeting strategies for nine different digital display campaigns intended to drive prospective customers to seven brand websites and two sets of product listings on the AmazonFresh network. By isolating unique landing pages and custom intent audiences for each campaign, we were able to not only ensure each brand received a wealth of referral traffic to their respective domains, but also align targeting strategies with the lifestyles, product preferences and dietary interests of each brand’s unique audience.


Since October 2018, the seven campaigns have garnered over 54 million impressions and 268,000+ clicks on websites and apps related to recipes, cheese products and/or subject matter related to leading a healthy lifestyle. Correspondingly, the two campaigns built to drive users to product listings on AmazonFresh have generated more than 12 million impressions and guided nearly 81,000 consumers to products available for purchase online. Compared to all other display ads geared towards the Home Goods industry, cumulative account totals reflected a click-through rate 6% higher than the industry average — all at a cost per click rate 67% lower than the industrial mean.

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