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We're Not Afraid To Get Messy For Our Clients.


Jaguar Animal Health was preparing to launch a new, first-in-class product: Neonorm Calf, a nutraceutical supplement formulated to support gut health and treat dehydrating digestive conditions in young dairy calves. Jaguar came to LePoidevin Marketing with the challenge of getting the attention of both distributors and dairy farmers.


In order to do that, Neonorm needed a branding platform that showed veterinarians and producers that it understood their reality. LePoidevin’s research found that many animal health products were making promises without backing up those promises with scientific explanations. So we showed how Neonorm’s unique mode of action leads directly to results. Reality also helped us develop some attention-grabbing creative that resonated with producers and their “bottom lines.”


Through our initial branding and product launch efforts, Jaguar Animal Health was able to secure relationships with two key veterinary distributors, ANIMART and Vedco. In addition to helping get dairy farmers to adopt Neonorm, these relationships also put Jaguar Animal Health in a good position for launching future products. As for LePoidevin, we got cleaned up and accepted a BMA award for the campaign.

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