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Laying Rodents Out Flat.


In reaction to marketplace demand, Liphatech continues to grow its soft bait portfolio with the recent addition of a first-generation soft bait rodenticide, Flatline™. Liphatech needed to generate awareness in the professional pest control industry about the advantages of adding the new product to their arsenal of baits.


A new fully integrated communications campaign was created to inform PMPs about Flatline and its unique features and benefits. The campaign included: a trade print ad, digital text ad, trade media press release and dedicated product web page.


An impactful visual of a rodent on a gurney helped gain the attention of PMPs and prompt them to learn more about Flatline. This fourth product offering in the soft bait portfolio continues to strengthen Liphatech’s position as the soft bait innovators while helping generate sales for the company in markets seeking first-generation rodenticides.

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