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Rat 'n Roll Liphatech Style.


Liphatech wanted to increase awareness and position itself as the Soft Bait Innovators™ by educating PCOs (Pest Control Operators) about the benefits of soft bait and how they are designed to work.


The ERATICATE Soft Bait Awareness Tour. Liphatech visited the five most rodent-infested cities in the nation. Each presentation took on the look and feel of a concert, giving the attendees/concert-goers a unique experience that was educational, entertaining and memorable.


Hundreds of PCOs attended the ERATICATE awareness tour. Attendees gained a better understanding about Liphatech's soft bait products. Soft bait usage for both new and existing customers has increased as a result of the Eraticate tour. Furthermore, Liphatech continues to see strong interest from the market.

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