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Got Something New? Go Big.


True to their position as The Soft Bait Innovators™, Liphatech’s newest product, TakeDown, is the first and only bromethalin soft bait for the professional pest management (PMP) market. As with past product launches, Liphatech worked with LePoidevin to develop the new product’s branding and marketing strategy.


We knew the usual rats-eating-bait imagery wouldn’t be enough to differentiate the new product in the highly regulated rodenticide market. So we went big, with a visual idea that showed PMPs that Liphatech understood the enormity of the challenges they faced in the field—and had a product strong enough to face them.


TakeDown was launched at PestWorld, with ‘Ratzilla’ towering over the Liphatech booth and stomping through the pages of pest management trade publications. Once they had the attention of PMPs — an audience that tends to be wary of change — a rebate offer provided the incentive they needed to try this new premium product.

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