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No X-ray Vision Needed.


MinXray has been a leading name in portable radiography for over 50 years, but at the beginning of 2018, the ROI for the company’s paid search campaign was starting to slow. The company needed LePoidevin Marketing to refresh its digital advertising strategy and increase ROI.


Because the keywords used in MinXray’s search ads were necessarily broad, they were often served up in searches for peripheral industries and services. Because MinXray’s generators are easily identifiable by their bright yellow cases, LePoidevin proposed a switch to display ads. More importantly, we recommended using custom affinity audiences to further narrow in on MinXray’s target audience.


The display ads deployed during the second half of 2018 quickly out-performed the search ads from the first half of the year. Display garnered over 1.3 million more impressions and a 603% increase in clicks, all with a cost-per-click rate nearly six times less expensive.

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