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MinXray Rebranding Campaign.


MinXray decided that it was time to reinvent their brand in order to better position themselves as industry leaders by keeping up to date with advancements in technology.


MinXray came to LePoidevin with the challenge of reinventing the MinXray brand to better connect with a market heavily involved in cutting-edge technology. LePoidevin developed and executed a strategy that integrated archetypal branding, a new logo, modern media, website, and a methodic PR approach all designed to update and refresh MinXray’s brand.


MinXray’s new look and presence reinserted them into the portable x-ray market as an innovative brand backed by decades of experience. They have seen an increased interest in their brand and market presence and sales have risen by 30%. MinXray was able to reach a wider client base while reinforcing their position as a reliable, experienced and dedicated name in the industry.

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