• LePoidevin Marketing

Shaping a Big Idea Into a Global Identity.


When three successful veterinarians decided to turn their expertise into a veterinary business consulting firm, our extensive knowledge of the animal and equine health industry made LePoidevin Marketing their first choice for a branding agency. The new company needed a name and an identity that would resonate globally and quickly establish it as the premier business education, support and consulting organization for veterinarians.


The company aimed to provide veterinarians with the business training they may not have received in veterinary school, helping them set their practices up for ongoing success through intensive seminars, online resources and networking opportunities. Through LePoidevin’s signature brand archetyping process, the name Oculus Insights, its logo and the brand promise of “Where insights and actions meet” emerged. PR campaign materials, a website landing page and print ads followed.


Thanks to a proper branding process and foundation, Oculus Insights was positioned as a leading advisor to veterinary professionals right from the start. In less than a year, the company was profitable and already exceeding its goals: participation in the business education program was 50% more than expected, and the company was able to launch new services in Australia and China ahead of schedule.

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