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Showing Off.


LePoidevin Marketing had been successfully managing social media for Saputo Specialty Cheese’s flagship consumer brands for several years. The focus had mainly been on organic content, but now it was time to expand the company’s paid social strategy to further increase traffic to the Montchevre®, Stella®, Salemville®, Black Creek® and Nikos® brand websites.


LePoidevin determined that Facebook and Instagram carousel ads made the most sense from both a product and an engagement standpoint. The seasonal popularity of each cheese drove the scheduling and creative theme of each brand’s campaign. Then, separate audience profiles were developed using the different demographics, interests and behaviors associated with each brand. Bid strategies were set to optimize advertising ROI. Once ads were launched, we monitored their performance and provided the client monthly reports.


Adding carousel ads to Saputo’s social strategy significantly amplified its brands’ presence on social media. In the first eight months of 2018, the new ads garnered more than 970,000 impressions, nearly 7,000 link clicks. Carousel ads accounted for 59% of Saputo’s social advertising budget but generated 72% of the company’s social advertising web traffic. Compared to the same period in 2017, 2018 ads increased web traffic by 262%.

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