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Using All the Tools in Our Toolbox.


Quality tool storage roll cabs from Snap-on can cost thousands of dollars. Although Snap-on offers a discount on roll cabs and other tool storage equipment to members of its Student Excellence Program (SEP), the company hadn’t spent much time promoting the offer. However, the popularity of #topdrawertuesday and #toolboxtuesday posts on SEP’s Facebook and Instagram profiles hinted that this might be a missed opportunity.


LePoidevin proposed building an integrated campaign to specifically promote toolbox sales around graduation time, a big selling season for tools and equipment. In addition to a discount, students who bought a qualifying toolbox were entered to win a VIP trip to see Snap-on partner Team Penske race later in the year. The campaign leveraged SEP’s existing weekly emails and social media presence. A microsite and print collateral for the Snap-on sales team rounded out the campaign.


Results were clear: toolbox sales increased 16% over the previous year. In addition to boosting product awareness and generating additional leads for the sales team, the campaign showed Snap-on that students were willing to make a major investment in their career—one that would hopefully translate into years of brand loyalty for Snap-on.

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