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Watching Engagement Grow.


Spee-Dee wanted to make a bigger splash with its e-mail marketing to drive more traffic to their website…but without the big price tag. They wanted to increase customer engagement, but knew the messaging needed to be timely, relevant and brief.


LePoidevin knew the use of video can triple the average click-through rate and reduce unsubscribe rates by up to 75%. We refreshed Spee-Dee’s email marketing to its customers and OEM partners by integrating a series of video e-blasts into the campaign. Viewers were invited to click on short videos highlighting ways to reduce downtime, increase line speeds and improve product fill accuracy.


Spee-Dee’s video e-blasts made 10,400 customer connections in four months. The average open rate for e-newsletters in the manufacturing industry is 22.08% with a click thru rate of 2.4%. Spee-Dee’s 23.61% open rate beat the industry average and their average click thru rate of 20% was almost 10 times the norm.

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