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Targeting with Good Taste.


In an effort to drive more website traffic and acquire new followers on social media, Saputo Cheese USA turned to LePoidevin Marketing for a strategic solution to reaching prospective consumers en masse through branded Facebook accounts representing five of their family brands.


For each of the five campaigns, we developed visual ad concepts that depicted brand logos, messaging, products, videos and/or recipes featured on promoted webpages. Using unique demographics and consumer interests, calculated targeting strategies were applied to ensure limited competition and optimized audience exposure for each family brand. Budgets were applied to each campaign and schedules were staggered to closely align with product seasonality. By applying results-based strategies to each campaign, we were able to generate a variety of impactful results that included referral traffic to brand websites and an increase in followers for all accounts.


Since January 2018, all campaigns managed by LePoidevin have generated more than 6.8 million impressions, which garnered over 165,000 website visits and 8,000 new Facebook followers. Best of all, nearly every deployed campaign captured these results at a rate significantly below the $1.72 cost-per-click average for Facebook ads.

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