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The Right Tools for Social Growth.


After serving professionals with cutting-edge tools and equipment for nearly 100 years, Snap-on Tools was seeking a new approach to connecting with aspiring tech professionals who could benefit not only from the brand’s tools and equipment, but also its ongoing commitment to enhancing technical education.


As Snap-on’s Student Excellence Program supports educational opportunities for students enrolled in high school, collegiate and tech school programs, social media appeared to be the best way to engage with this younger audience. We helped launch accounts on Facebook and Instagram to provide daily content that touched on everything from tool safety and best practices to highlights from partnering schools, industrial event coverage, Snap-on partnerships and the evolution of tool solutions intended to support both students and professionals alike.


In a few short years, the Snap-on Tools for Life Instagram account garnered nearly 63,000 followers, over 10 million unique content views and more than 860,000 engagements — all of which stemmed exclusively from organic content.

Comparatively, the Snap-on Tools for Life Facebook page drew 2,000+ followers, 425,000 impressions and nearly 18,000+ engagements. Best of all, account growth on both platforms has continued to rise each month, opening the door for increased awareness of Snap-on’s tooling solutions, but more importantly, its educational impact across multiple industries including aviation, automotive, oil and gas, power generation and more.

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