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The Whole Package.


With nearly 30,000 attendees visiting more than 2,000 exhibitors, PACK EXPO International is big. For the trade press, there’s only a finite number of companies they can visit. As a marketing company with decades of experience in packaging and material handling, if we’re not getting booth visits for our clients, we’re not doing our job.


There’s no magic formula for building relationships with the media: it just takes time and effort. At such a large event, you can’t depend on luck to get you a media visit. We proactively contact publications to set up meetings, and because our PR team has spent years building relationships with them, they trust our recommendations that our clients are worth visiting.


Our packaging and material handling clients reap the dividends throughout the year, but it all culminates at the industry’s largest trade show. In 2020, we scheduled more than 41 booth visits for our eight clients. This strengthens the relationship between the trade press and our clients, which resulted in more than 25 PR placements.

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