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X-rays, Expansion & Excellence.


As an industry-leading provider of digital radiography solutions for a variety of unique applications, MinXray had already launched successful campaigns highlighting portable x-ray equipment for the Animal Health industry. Given the optimal performance of the brand’s display ads, LePoidevin was challenged with developing a similar campaign to help spread awareness of the brand’s medical imaging equipment and solutions.


To highlight applicable solutions for the medical field, we built a custom landing page that referenced product features, specs and versatility for applicable markets. A custom intent audience was also built to reach professionals across multiple industries who showed a heightened interest in medical imaging devices and portable x-ray equipment. This strategy allowed MinXray to reach its target market through display ads that appeared on websites and mobile apps related to digital radiography, medical applications and subject matter associated with the latest trends in global health.


In the first eight months alone, ads depicting MinXray’s digital imaging solutions garnered nearly 3.4 million impressions and over 31,000 clicks, the latter of which guided visitors back to the custom landing page created to supplement lead generation. By the end of 2020, the campaign’s cost per click rate represented an average 68% lower than the mean for all Health & Medical display ads, and the click-thru rate was also 58% higher than the industry average. Ongoing optimization strategies helped to improve performance each quarter, which only strengthened brand and product awareness over time.

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