Print advertising holding its own

Print advertising holding its own

A comparison of advertising trends from 2010 through the first four months of 2012 was recently published in the July/August issue of Agri Marketing. They report that comparatively (in the same periods of time); the agri industry’s print advertising is up three percent, compared to a general B2B advertising downturn of seven percent. Print appears to be strong with ag producers as a preferred medium, hence investing dollars in this area.  

Below is a chart showing the advertising pages by category.


And who are the top advertisers in terms of ad spending?

The publication also reported that in 2011, the industry recorded approximately 11,500 ad pages. They believe that they’re on pace to break the 13,000 page level in 2012. Print is not going away any time soon in this industry. We will continue to see advertising tactics continue to evolve and new ways of doing things, but it is nice to see that a core advertising tactic like print, continue to hold its own.



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