RSVP! Maximize your trade show success by targeting the B2B press

RSVP! Maximize your trade show success by targeting the B2B press


As the fall trade show season is in full swing, exhibitors need to be engaging the B2B press covering these events as a way to further their public relations.

The best way to do this is to invite the media to your booth. Scheduling booth visits is perfect for not only showcasing new products, but also putting yourself and the company on the editor’s radar for future editorial opportunities. This is the real value of getting to know the trade press that covers your industry. Six months down the road when an editor is writing an article that pertains to your product, and they’re looking for companies to contribute, who are they going to call? Editors are more inclined to contact people they know as opposed to companies that they don’t have a professional relationship with.

If time is tight and booth visits can’t be scheduled, it’s still important to find one-on-one time to meet with the press sometime during the show, i.e. take them to lunch or meet up for dinner after hours. Since most shows last only a few days, it’s critical that you make the most of your time and form those professional relationships when you can.

Additionally when reaching out to the trade press about visiting your booth, don’t forget to include the advertising representative from the media outlet that covers your area. Ad reps can be influential in getting an editor to your booth, and can be an ally in steering your PR to editors for additional post-show coverage.

Being proactive in your PR efforts at trade shows will pay dividends down the road. So what are you waiting for? Contact show organizers, obtain the pre-registered media list and start scheduling your booth visits today!

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