Social media in the B2B markets

Social media in the B2B markets

A new poll by LePoidevin Marketing partner RSW/US indicates marketers are more likely to engage in social and mobile marketing themselves, than ask their agencies to perform these activities for them.  However, marketers and agencies alike are beginning to push this discipline to new lengths in an effort to measure more deeply and engage their audiences more frequently.  Yet, we believe B2B marketers still lag behind their consumer counterparts when actively employing social media.

Engaging your customers through social media is practically a no-brainer for consumer marketers, due mostly to the fact many of their audience segments are active social media users.  For business-to-business marketers, this isn’t always the case.  Many of our B2B clients continue to be reluctant to begin or expand their use of social media for several reasons, chief of which is they don’t believe their customers seek or accept content via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other sites.

In the consumer marketing world clients may measure Likes and Fans in the tens of thousands.  Not so for business marketers, as those active on the more popular sites tend to engage customers that number in the hundreds or, if they’ve done a thorough job, in the thousands.  So the question we’re often asked by our B2B clients is “is it worth it?”

The answer is, yes, when executed correctly and consistently.  The value of an ongoing dialog with some of your most loyal customers, or those looking to utilize your services or purchase your products, outweighs the relative minor investment to do so.  Whether looking to reinforce your base or bring on more business, social media is an effective and highly measurable tool. 

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