4 Quick Social Media Shortcuts

4 Quick Social Media Shortcuts

Every week it seems like there’s a new social media platform, trend, or scheduling app. Social this, social that, social, social, social. Social media is unique because it changes as fast as consumers do. That’s the magic of the whole thing; evolution is built into its core. Even though social media is an ever-evolving world of people, products, and information, there are a few things social media strategists and managers can use to help save time.

Here are three shortcuts to keep your head afloat as the social media tides roll in:

Separate image folders

If you have multiple clients or campaigns, labeled image folders saved to your desktop will save you time searching through your computer or online for images to posts. Store related logos, stock photos, etc. in folders that can be quickly and easily chosen when you’re crunched for time. You can also store branded, sized and pre-made graphics labeled for specific social media sites in these folders.

Content Folders

Use something like Google Drive to keep all of your past and future content available wherever you are.

Hashtag Bundles

If you’re not actively and continuously using hashtags in your social media strategies, you should be! Whatever brand you’re promoting on social media, there are probably hashtags you use consistently. If you post from your phone, which we all have to at some point, you can create hashtag shortcuts on your iPhone (sorry Android users):

  • Open Settings
  • Select General
  • Select Keyboards
  • Select Text Replacement
  • Click the plus sign in top right corner
  • Add all of the hashtags you want for this particular bundle into the Phrase section
  • Create an easy and short shortcut name
  • Repeat for all accounts, types of posts and or platforms


Now you can use the shortcut instead of typing out each hashtag or copying and pasting it into each post.


Emoji, scheduling and note-taking extensions can be your best friends when time is not. Google’s Chrome browser has a wide range of extensions that help you save and schedule content in a cinch. Do some research on what extensions could work best for your scheduling and efficiency needs. Here are my favorites:

There you have it: three quick and easy tips to keep your head above water as the social media demands pull you up, down and all around! Good luck, social media gurus.

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