Let’s Talk Social MeowDia

Let’s Talk Social MeowDia

How many times per day do you scroll through your Facebook page only to laugh at a cat, dog or goat? These furry creatures have taken over the internet and there is so much we can learn from our four-legged friends.

Four Social Media Content Lessons from Four-Footed Entrepreneurs:

Social Media Cat

1. Fresh and Funny
You generally post articles on the best practices of [insert subject here]. Yawn. Okay, yes, there is value and wonderful information you can offer to your followers—it’s not all they want to see. Make someone’s day with a posting that offers memorable humor. You may not get a lead, but you did grab their attention.

2. Endearingly Carefree
How can one not love Buttermilk the goat when she “plays” with her friends? This happy-go-lucky goat is lighthearted and you should be too (just don’t pounce your colleagues). Sometimes we are too wrapped up into creating the “perfect post”. Stop stressing. Being a little more carefree will make social media posting more enjoyable and your followers do notice when you are trying too hard for engagement.

3. Relatable
Knowing your audience is being relatable. Your follower’s newsfeeds are crowded with a number of brands in a given day. Brands that are able to relate will receive the most engagement and results. When Grumpy Cat’s photo appeared, fans have captioned the meme more times than I can count. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a meme on Facebook and laughed because my irritable thought was voiced by a cat.

4. Simply Entertaining and Fun
People want to know about your people. Companies often forget about showcasing who they are. Yes, I enjoy reading about your new products and latest news, but show me your culture! There is something to be said about posting a photo of an event you had at the office. It offers entertainment and displays the human side of your brand.

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