Start Here: Our Top 4 B2B Marketing Posts

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Start Here: Our Top 4 B2B Marketing Posts

It never pays to reinvent the wheel, especially when you’re as busy as we’ve been here at LePoidevin this summer (and yes, we took a little time to take in a Brewers game). Instead of throwing more stuff at you, we thought this would be the perfect time to gather the top insights and ideas from the Merge blog over the last year together in one place. Whether you’re looking for a refresher  in B2B marketing basics or want to learn more about our areas of expertise, this is the place to start.

The Key to Your Trade Show Success

Trade show season will roll through before you know it and save yourself a several headaches, we’ve compiled a concise list of items to make your trade show prep seamless. Have a look. If you find you need more assistance, contact us today and we’ll help make trade show season a breeze.

Breaking Bad Grammar Rules

The only way to make your content count is to make it understandable. Grammar mistakes are the easiest way to lose potential clients and weaken your professional image. Remember these five rules and prepare for better results than if you carried on without them.

Content Marketing: Should Your Content Be Free?

Many companies are still debating the free content dilemma. So, we wrote a post to help answer the (new) age old, “Should you’re content marketing be free?” If your business needs help determining if a content marketing strategy is right for you, contact us for a consultation.

You Can’t Build A Solid Marketing Plan on Shaky Internal Communications

It may be a long title, but it’s also a fair observation. Your internal communications has to be balanced and fair in order to make strong and targeted marketing campaigns. Have a look at a few of our best practices in maintaining solid communications with all agency departments.

Angela Mork
Angela is our secret weapon. Her unique combination of talents are enhanced by her love of shaping language to cultivate substantial brand messages that truly advance our clients’ position in the marketplace. Angela is guided by an inner passion to convey information that speaks to audiences on both personal and broadly scaled perspectives. Her extensive corporate background in both public and private organizations makes her a skilled ally, adept at bridging the gap between clients and markets. She understands what motivates a client, and strives to tell their stories in ways that effectively communicate value, trust and deliver results.
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