Strike two, and still swinging hard

Strike two, and still swinging hard

We’ve had an interesting string of new business pitches as of late that are worth revisiting, as I’m curious to learn if other firms or owners are experiencing the same outcomes.

First let me say that we’re a bit spoiled, as we’ve won more pitches than lost over the years.  An enviable batting average, for sure, but the astute sales and marketing professional would respond to such a statistic by saying we simply haven’t attempted enough pitches in the first place.  Fair enough.

Yet, when you’re used to winning competitive pitches you tend to analyze more deeply the occasional loss – especially when the differences between the winner and the losers are more easily defined and understood.

Two quick case studies: the first involves a prospect we had pitched previously, and lost, only to be called back to pitch again.  The second study involves a loss to an agency that admittedly didn’t know the prospect’s products or industry, but won the business anyway.

In case study number one our initial loss came to a firm that showed more “flash and sizzle” than did we during the presentation, and convinced the prospect that they were better suited to help elevate their brand.  In case study number two, a more recent loss, the winning agency did a better job of exciting the prospect about “all the possibilities” a partnership with them could bring.

In both cases, we were “out-sizzled” in our presentation.  You see, we are who we are, in that we’re a no-nonsense strategic firm that has a history of planning for and executing campaigns and tactics that achieve measurable results for clients.  I know…doesn’t exactly sizzle.

What’s interesting is that in case study number one, the client contacted us after six months with the previous winning firm, and asked us to come back in.  They’re now a good client for LePoidevin.  Case study number two is a more recent loss.  Who knows what the future may bring.

From these two case studies I and we have learned two things: stick to your principles and be yourselves, but add a bit more sizzle to your presentation.

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