Super Bowl ads losing their impact?

Super Bowl ads losing their impact?

Another Super Bowl in the record books. Even though we didn’t really care about either team playing, my wife and I still felt compelled to at least have the game on. A loss for the NFL, but a win for the advertisers right? Well, maybe not.

I can remember lots of years being really interested in seeing what the major brands were going to run. The Super Bowl is the one TV show I can think of where the advertising is not an unwelcome break in the action, but the ads had actually become a celebrated and necessary part of the experience. This year something weird happened … I noticed for me some of the excitement was gone.

I’ve been watching previews and reading PR stories online about new Super Bowl ads for several weeks leading up to the big game. Super Bowl ads aren’t just about the ads anymore. Now many of them also have integrated PR and social media campaigns leading up to the big game. I found for me this little side effect of the social media revolution has thrown a wet blanket on all the anticipation and excitement of seeing the new ads.

I think as marketers, we often believe more is more. This might be a case, where letting the anticipation build by doing actually doing less marketing ahead of the game could be a better way to go. 

What do you think? Do you agree without the buildup and anticipation that the ads are losing some of their impact or do you think the previews actually enhance your excitement – and the ads’ effectiveness during the game? You make the call.


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