Take your message on the road

Take your message on the road

The key to any successful product launch is to engage the press and get them excited about it. In the past we’ve done a number of media tours in which we’ve invited the press to our clients’ facilities to see their products in action – a tactic that’s worked very well.  Download our free white paper, here.

Recently, we took our media tour program and gave it a slightly different twist for our conveyor client. Instead of bringing the media to the product, we brought the product to them.

Over the span of three days, we set up visits with several targeted B2B media outlets across the country. One of the main reasons we chose to go on the road was convenience  – for them and our clients. Asking an editor to take three days away from their office to visit a facility is a significant time commitment and it can be a challenge to coordinate the calendars of six to eight editors.   Plus, with shrinking staffs we feared some of them might not have been able to attend.

To eliminate these concerns, we took the media tour and product directly to them. Visits lasted about two hours, which allowed enough time for the news editors to see and feel the conveyor, learn about its engineering, watch it in action and ask questions. Having these personal one-on-one visits meant each editor had their specific needs and questions addressed, and ensured the media we wanted to reach did hear our messages.

So the next time you’re ready to launch a new product or make a major news announcement, consider taking your message on the road. I’m sure you’ll find a very receptive audience.

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