The comeback of print

The comeback of print

I was talking with a client recently who made an interesting observation: he thought trade publications looked a bit fatter than usual. I’ve also noticed that in the past several months many of the industrial books in our target market seem to be gaining weight. And that’s definitely a good thing.

As advertising reps have been making their annual trek to our office to discuss 2012, all of them say that companies are putting more dollars back into advertising – and that seems to be reflected in the thickness of the books. More ads mean more pages, which leads to increased editorial opportunities. 

According to the Association of Magazine Media, ad pages and revenue increased in 2011 in comparison to last year. Although electronic advertising remains strong, there’s something to be said about the comeback of print. Is it because of a shift from electronic back to print, or an overall increase in advertising spending? What do you think? Nonetheless, print advertising is still effective way to deliver your messages to readers.

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