The latest Facebook overhaul and its benefits to business

The latest Facebook overhaul and its benefits to business

As some of you might have noticed, Facebook has undergone many recent changes to both personal profile and business pages.  The look and feel of both entities have enabled users to more quickly and easily find shared interests, photos, and other items, making the Facebook platform even more opportunistic for businesses.

We all (or those of us with personal Facebook profiles) can appreciate this higher level of shared information for our “friends” and profile interactions. But as an administrator of several business pages, I’m particularly excited about what these changes mean for business and business-to-business interactions.

Prior to the Facebook overhaul made several weeks ago, administrators had no way of representing their company page within other areas or pages on the social network.  Now, the platform has given brands the ability to act on their company’s behalf throughout Facebook.  This means pages can now “like” other industry-related company pages and interact with them through comments.  Additionally, just as personal profiles have a homepage with a news feed of friends’ posts, business-based pages now have a similar homepage with news feeds of their own. This feature allows businesses to easily receive updates on pages they like and share relevant posts with their own fans.

My recommendation to other page administrators is to make full use of the new features Facebook is offering. Take the time to find the companies that are relevant to your business and follow their updates via your company’s news feed.  Engage with them through comments or comment “likes”, share the information with your fans you think they’ll find interesting.  Your fans will appreciate the information to which they may not have been introduced.

Engagement with your liked pages as a brand will give your company more of a “voice” in the social arena, helping to reinforce your company’s social identity and gain visibility with Facebook users that may have never been introduced to you otherwise.  It’s a win-win for your page, company and brand.

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