The marketing power of chicken

The marketing power of chicken

A new house, a new hope and 2,000 chicken sandwiches – how can you beat that?

Two weeks ago, the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was in Fayetteville building a new house that will be used as a shelter for women veterans and their children. Fayetteville is home to Fort Bragg, one of the largest U.S. Army bases in the country, as well as the adjacent Pope Field. Suffice to say Fayetteville is a military town.  

EMHE is a reality show that performs home renovations for less fortunate families in need of new hope. This particular episode focused on a woman who operates a homeless shelter for female veterans out of her own home. In less than a week her home was turned into a true shelter measuring almost 7,000 square feet – almost four times its original size. 

Since I was performing Air Force Reserve duty that week and our base, home of the 440th Airlift Wing, played a role in the production, I was at the unveiling shouting move that bus! with several hundred people.  Although everyone there will tell you just how hot and sticky it was, at least we were well fed, thanks to Chick-fil-A.

The Georgia-based restaurant chain donated 2,000 chicken sandwiches to people gathered at the unveiling. Part of their marketing strategy is to build goodwill among existing and potential customers by using food as a platform to show hospitality toward others. Connecting with your audience, whether it’s through public relations, advertising, social media or any other number of tactics, is critical to the success of any marketing campaign.

Spending a week in Fayetteville and seeing the difference that EMHE brought to the community, it’s good to see corporations like Chick-fil-A jump in and contribute. And if they made a few new fans in the process – good for them. I know at least they made one.

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