The right mix of marketing tools

The right mix of marketing tools

As you can guess, I’ve learned a lot in my first few months as a senior account executive with LePoidevin Marketing. One of the most important lessons so far is that businesses who use the right mix of marketing tools to attain their goals more often, as opposed to those that take a narrow or singular approach to their marketing program, or those that make marketing decisions on a month-by-month basis.

We work with many clients who are leaders in their industries, and each has a different formula for taking their message to the market, but all of them use an effective mix of diverse tools. Public relations and trade media relationship development might be the key tool for one business, while for another it might be online advertising, but by using a mix of several communication methods a business can connect with more of their target audiences, more often, in support of their messages.

While this sounds obvious, I have seen (or worked at) businesses that choose to pass up certain communication methods, for a variety of reasons, and found themselves at a loss when they did not reach their goals.  A construction products manufacturer I am familiar with was cruising through the 2000’s using a mix of advertising, e-mailings, newsletters, editorial, trade shows, social media and market research.  When the economy slowed, they pulled back on everything except for one large trade show.  With no pre-show promotion, booth traffic was especially slow, and coupled with the show’s decreased attendance, the company had nothing to show for it except a blown budget and no fall-back plan.

At that point, the company had no choice but to ‘hunker down’ and start laying people off. I can’t help but believe that a multi-faceted, focused marketing communications plan would have helped get them through the slow-down and produced a much better outcome.

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