Tie Marketing to Bold, New Ideas


Tie Marketing to Bold, New Ideas

Steve Tuesday

Last week my colleague Mike and I were talking about the number of ties we have that rarely get worn anymore. Truth be told, we hardly wear ties at all. Our business casual practices have morphed into polos, dress shirts and sweaters – and in the process pushing our ties to the side (and to the backs of our closets).

But we decided that in 2017 we were going to change things a bit…and bring back the ties! So today we’re launching Tie Tuesday, with the goal of wearing a tie every Tuesday and tying that practice to a bold new idea. We figured why not? We have the ties to wear and we can dress-up the office a bit. Let’s do it!

In looking at what I was going to wear this morning to kick off this fashion initiative, I noticed a pair of cream-colored pants hanging next to my tie rack. I initially bypassed the pants as I know you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. I have no idea why, and honestly never spent more than two seconds considering why the rule even exists. Why do I need to follow it? Where is it set in stone that I can’t wear white, or at least my cream-colored pants, on Jan. 3?

I think as marketers we need to sometimes question some of these unwritten rules and ask ourselves: why are we doing things the way we are? Maybe it’s looking at different ways to engage the media. Perhaps it’s taking a monthly sales letter and giving it a refreshed look to target a younger audience. Whatever it is there’s nothing wrong with bending a rule or two to try something different.

This is the approach I took this morning, and so far I haven’t been cited by the fashion police for my Labor Day faux pas.

Different can be good…and occasionally needed – give it a shot sometime.

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