Time to reconsider pet insurance

Time to reconsider pet insurance

When I learned about pet insurance, I decided this was something I wanted to get for OJ, our 10-year old cat. Similar to car or life insurance, I wanted to have it – but also hoped I wouldn’t need it. It was a way for us to have peace of mind knowing that this member of our family would get the best medical treatment should something arise; his health wouldn’t be based on a financial decion.

Almost two years later and the addition of two kids into our family, we needed to evaluate all our expenses. Unfortunatley, I sucumed to letting go of the pet insurance. At this point, I haven’t used it (or needed it) so why pay a monthly premium for something I haven’t used? 

Low and behold, one month later OJ is playing outside and comes home hurt. At that moment, I thought “Oh no! I just canceled his pet insurance policy.” Of course, right? Not knowing the extent of his injury, I already knew that if we had to pay for a surgery or whatever else he needed, that it would be done. I thought “here goes thousands of dollars”. So be it. As I said before, he is a member of our family.

We got lucky this time. The extent of his injuries did not require surgery or exhaustive medical treatment. With pain medication, antibiotics and lots of TLC, OJ is making a full recovery.

Now it’s time to re-evaluate purchasing pet insurance for OJ. In the event of an accident or injury, OJ’s previous policy would have covered 80 percent of the veterinary bill, after the deductible. Let’s hope there isn’t a next time, but should there be, I won’t worry so much about the veterinary bill since he will have pet insurance again.

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