3 Reasons Why Updating Your Website Will Help Grow Your Business

3 Reasons Why Updating Your Website Will Help Grow Your Business

It might seem like an overwhelming task, but updating your old website to the now standard, modern responsive site format is a crucial step toward improving your company’s digital presence. B2B marketers in particular know how difficult this challenge is because many B2B decision makers have a very different perspective about what it means to be digitally present. Budget is another major consideration and websites can be a larger investment than in years past.


The Web browsing experience has changed significantly and as a result websites have evolved for optimal viewing across a multitude of platforms—especially on mobile devices. The previous style of website design only worked with a desktop/laptop browser experience and did not format correctly when viewed on other—now more dominant—Web viewing devices.


The benefits of updating to a responsive website are well documented—championed by both business and non-business sources alike. Most people use smartphones to some degree and chances are your clients have already come across sites that are friendly to mobile browsing—and those that are not.

There are many reasons why you should upgrade to the new responsive website format, but here are the top three:

  1. UX Designed: The main reason someone visits a website is for information, and because mobile viewing is one of the dominant modalities for Web browsing it’s extremely important the site is viewable across ALL platforms and devices. Modern websites are designed to give visitors the information they’re looking for while allowing the user to follow his or her intuition as much as possible. A UX (User Experience) designed site is easy to navigate, visually engaging, and answers the user’s questions almost before they know to ask them—in other words, they are more intuitive. Your site should make everything convenient and time saving for the user; show your clients you understand their exact needs by building the Web experience around helping them find the answers they want as quickly as possible. Both conversion and sales are more likely when people perceive your company in this positive light.
  2. Lead Generating: Today’s users are more informed than ever and their number one resource for researching a product, brand or company is by going online. Smartphones make this possible any time and everywhere. A modern site encourages the generation of leads when it looks great on mobile devices and is responsive to navigation while offering the same user experience on any viewing platform. By giving people the information they’re searching for immediately, it can help position you as a trusted source that understands their needs and capable of providing the solution.
  3. Rebranding: A new website allows a company to reinforce themselves and their brand(s). It can help reposition your company in the market, showing customers and competitors alike that you understand the modern marketplace and are invested in evolving with technology. Rebranding is an excellent way to create new awareness while calling attention to both potential and existing clients that your company is dedicated to providing the best service possible.


Modern websites are user-intuitive experiences that generate quality leads and can refresh/rebrand a company’s persona. Websites today make the old versions look…. well, pretty dated, which reflects heavily on your brand. The last thing that you or your client wants is to be seen as out of touch.

If you don’t have a modern responsive website yet, then it’s time to start looking into your options. Updating to a modern site provides an opportunity to refresh or reposition your brand image—it can be just the boost your company needs to get ahead of the competition. Engaging more people with good UX design that effectively delivers the desired information allows the combined utility and style of a modern website to be a very significant tool in helping grow both your business and brand.

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