What are you wearing?

What are you wearing?

Does your staff complain when they’re asked to don their corporate apparel? Do they find it uncomfortable, unflattering, faded and dated? Does your apparel accurately reflect your corporate culture?  If not, then maybe it’s time for an upgrade! Here are some things to consider:

–  Don’t just purchase corporate apparel because you think it’s the thing to do. Carefully consider how the apparel will be worn, who will wear it and what types of events it will be worn at. Consider the message you want your apparel to convey about your company. Are you traditional, hard-working, cutting edge, fun?

–  Custom Hat/Caps: Try something a little different, maybe a frayed visor, contrasting taping on the inside seem or a woven label. Don’t forget to take the overall style of the cap into consideration. Styles of brim cap include: fitted, snap back, strap back, flex fit and trucker.   Not into brimmed caps? Try a beret, knit cap or another style.

–  Performance Wear: Sometimes corporate activities involve athletic activities or at least you might want to look like you’re athletic. Look for light weight, easy maintenance, functional fabrics with moisture-wicking, antibacterial and/or UV protection properties. Hoodies are very popular now. Choose one that your employees will want to wear all time. Try some fun details like a thumb hole in the sleeve. See if your staff prefers a zip-up, half-zip or pull-over style.

–  Shirts: Shirts come in all different styles from long-sleeve dress shirt to basic tee and everything in between. Consider what’s trending today and what might be around the corner.  Choose a few styles; some individuals might appreciate a more fitted design.

–  Jackets: This category offers lots of diversity from windbreakers to fleece. Choose a lighter weight jacket that can go from cool spring to nippy winter. The more it can be worn, the more exposure you’ll get. Consider a contrasting lining, piping, zipper or buttons, and place your logo in unexpected places like a sleeve or the back of the jacket.

–  Don’t be afraid to get a little creative. Apparel can be a significant investment, but if it’s dated, uncomfortable and unflattering it won’t be worn. If it’s not worn it won’t be seen and isn’t that the whole point?


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