What’s your brand archetype?

What’s your brand archetype?

Much has been written about branding, brand strategy, brand archetypes and brands, in general.  Any seasoned marketer worth his or her salt has read and pulled useful information from countless articles, blogs and posts in an effort to form their own opinion or strategy on how best to define and promote their own brand.

In the interest of full disclosure, you’ll discover nothing new here as I’m more interested in learning the process through which you’ve come to define your brand(s), and why. 

We, like many others, have adopted Mark and Pearson’s brand archetype approach, made popular in their book The Hero and The Outlaw.  You can get your own copy here.

Our reason for incorporating archetypes into our branding process is simple; it’s a solid foundation on which to build a brand identity and strategy for ourselves and our clients.  Others have tried to reinvent the archetype process, like the folks at Forty agency, who have seen fit to re-work the twenty archetype profiles into forty (hence, their name, I guess). 

My question is “why?”  I understand the need for some to reinvent the wheel or to come up with an exclusive or proprietary way in which to serve (and attract) clients, but do prospects and clients really want that, or do they seek an interpretation or recommendation on how to utilize an easily understood and established way in which to define a brand?  Are forty archetypes better than twenty?

I pose this question to you, prospective and current client.  Do you find the brand archetypes, as initially defined by Mark and Pearson relevant, intriguing or accurate, or are they too restrictive or hard to understand?

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